Short BIO

Hello there!. My name is Mario Jodra. I am an illustrator, painter, designer and poet born in Zamora (Spain). Now I live in Madrid, the city where I grew up, after living in cities such as London, Toronto and Vancouver.


I am an artist currently specialized in a fi gurative and realistic style. I use traditional media such as pencil and charcoal, which I combine with digital art techniques. I am an illustrator who likes the use of intense color, but I am also passionate about black and white. I really enjoy playing with all the textures and shading provided by pencil and charcoal, and create dark atmospheres out of it.


I have worked as a designer for studios and agencies and now as a freelance illustrator for editorial and publishing clients while I participate in print and book fairs and exhibitions, and working on artist’s book publishing projects that include fi elds such as visual arts, comic book and poetry. My art has been exhibited in different countries and cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Milan, etc.) in various individual and collective exhibitions and art fairs. I am currently working at my studio in Madrid.

Collective exhibitions

Matadero. La Casa del Lector. (Madrid) 
CentroCentro, 4th floor (Madrid) 
Matadero. La Central del Diseño. (Madrid) 
Casa de Vacas (Madrid)
Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid)
Galería Espacio 8 (Madrid)
Miscelanëa + Ras gallery (Barcelona) 
Box 32 gallery (Berlín)
Galería Apetit (Bilbao)

Individual exhibitions

Sala Siroco. Lounge (Madrid)

Sala de exposiciones, Editorial SinSentido (Madrid) 
Sala Noble del Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona) 
Sala Artepolis (Madrid)
Galería Casa de los Jacintos (Madrid)
Electron Libre/Chez Robert (París)
Sala de exposiciones Teatro Gurdulú (Madrid)

Participation in Book and Art Fairs

Open Mercado. Museo Würth (La Rioja).

Feria Ilustrísima. Museo ABC (Madrid)

Feria Dibumad. Galería de Cristal, Palacio de Cibeles (Madrid)

Encuentro editores Inclasificables. Casa de las Conchas (Salamanca)

HUL(Q). ¡Hostia un libro!. C.C. Quadernillos (Madrid)

Feria de Artistas Españoles. Fondazione Metropolitan San Paolo Converso (Milán)

Feria de ediciones independientes y libros autoeditados. La Maripepa (Madrid)

Some Clients 

Libros del KO, eme21magazine, VICE Magazine, Touchline publishing agency UK, Madrid Destino (Ayuntamiento de Madrid), Artema Comunicación, Global Estrategias/Demos Group, He- dima Formación, Cyberscribe Solutions, Endesa, Grupo Sacyr Vallehermoso, Grupo Norte, Tres14 Rotulación

Mario Jodra